Rules for Ballerinas

1. Ballerinas don't have thumbs. Always hide them, like making the number four.

2. Ballerinas don't wear panties. (Gasp! It's true, your tights are your panties.)

3. Ballerinas never hang on the barre. Barely touch it, it's only there for balance.

4. Ballerinas always change their shoes quickly. Last one is a pink elephant.

5. Ballerinas always go tinkle before dance class.

6. Ballerinas always point their toes so the dirty bottom of their shoe doesn't show.

7. All ballerinas should know how to curtsy in case they meet the queen.

8. Ballerinas always listen to their teacher and are quiet during dance class.

9. Ballerinas always stay on their spot. (Or in line, or wherever their teacher says to stay.)

10. Ballerinas practice everyday. Remember you can dance anywhere, not just in class, but at home or at school during recess.