Studio Rules

1.All children not in class must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

2.You are responsible for any mess you or child make or any damage that occurs at the studio and will be charged accordingly.

3.Please be quiet. If the noise level becomes too distracting, parents will be asked to leave and viewing areas will be closed.

4.Please do not interrupt classes.

5.No food, drinks, or gum in the dance rooms.

6.Any dancer not in uniform will be asked to change or will not be allowed in class.

7.Do not touch the viewing windows or attempt to distract the dancers.

8.You are responsible for knowing all information posted at the studio, passed out in class, sent through an email, or posted on the website or our Facebook page.

9.Tuition is due the first lesson of each month and is charged by the month only. Credit will not be given and tuition will not be prorated for partial months/missed classes. Returned checks must be paid in cash and with an additional $20 fee.

10.Any dancer missing more than 8 classes in a year will not be allowed to perform in the Recital. We have no excused-absence policy. You will be able to make-up a missed class upon request. Be aware that the make-up class will not be the same as a dancer's regular class but will still cancel out a missed class.