Other Information:

A spring recital is given annually at Robinson Auditorium to encourage students and to demonstrate to family and friends what they have accomplished during the year. Anyone missing more than 8 classes throughout the year will not be allowed to perform in the recital.

Ms. Andrea chooses tasteful, age-appropriate costumes for each class. Most students will only need one costume. Costume costs range from $50-$60. Anyone participating in the recital is required to purchase a costume in December. A student's costume will not be ordered unless all fees (including the costume fee) and tuition are up-to-date.

Tuition is due on the first class of each month. Monthly fees are the same for each month during the school year, regardless of holidays or missed classes. Absences may be made up at a different time during the week, provided an equivalent class is available.

Other Fees
  • Registration Fee: annual $25 per student to reserve spot.
  • Recital Fee: annual $45 per family to ensure Recital admission is free.

  • 15% off tuition for families enrolled in 3 or more classes. For example, two siblings both taking dance and only one taking Hip Moves would qualify.
  • One month free tuition if full year is paid for at the beginning of the year.


  • All dance students will need a black leotard and pink convertible tights. A black or pink skirt or dance sweater may be worn, but are not required. Dance students will also need a pair of pink leather ballet shoes and beige tap shoes. These supplies can be purchased locally or ordered through ASD each August. Students are not allowed to wear t-shirts, jackets, shorts, loose pants, or any other loose clothing. 

  • Tiny Tumblers only need a black unitard, or black leotard with tight black shorts. 

  • Cheer uniform includes black shorts, pink ASD Cheer shirt, socks, and sneakers. 

  • Hip Moves uniform is more relaxed. We ask that students wear comfortable, form-fitting clothes. Socks and sneakers are required. Knee pads are recommended. Clothing must be age-appropriate (no bare midriffs or booty shorts) and are subject to teacher approval.

Class Observation
No one but students and teachers are allowed in the classrooms. The observation windows allow parents to view class at any time. Any questions or information desired from the teacher should be made outside class, either by telephone, email, or personal contact.

Extra Stuff
Other activities are offered throughout the year, such as sleepovers, camps, Santa visits, parties, and photographer visits.